Finally let's talk about FUNCTIONALITY: This is the adaptability of a Dobra oven in any workplace. In our range of ovens, we have models to suit any location of work:
Chimney without vapors and invisible smokes: our range of ovens, Brado P4, FR3 and FR4 do not produce exterior vapors while baking, but do invisible vapors. These three ovens differ in size and power and are best used in locations with available ventilation.
If your workplace does not have a vent, don’t worry, Dobra offers our latest oven: the ecological oven Brado Eco4, which requires no ventilation at all, the - European patented – system without chimney because makes absolutely no smokes, vapors, nor odors. It recycles vapors, liquefies them and can store up to 21 liters of liquid waste. Brad Eco4 is the most complete model of the market, does not require any installation or vent, only one connection to the grid suitable for a power of 7 kW ensures maximum efficiency.
Also, if you prefer to work with gas ovens, Dobra offers all these variants also fueled by gas instead of electricity.
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