from the freezer
to the ovent "
We bake the bread directly from the freezer.
¡¡INCREDIBLE!! You won’t believe until
it’s seen. As well as ¡¡UNTHINKABLE!!
Our new, quick and fast, baking systems.


The baking and defrosting times, which point out the manuals from the big bakeries, are obsolete. For good, and economic benefits which will bring to them.
Dobra has just created a new generation of ovens, capable of revolutionize the bread market around the world, with the new, fast baking system.
We have made the chimney disappear, as well as the steam and vapors, in the models FR and CR. We can liquidize the vapors and store them in 11 liter tank capacity.
With our ovens FR3, CR3, FR4 and CR4, we have entered in a new era of convection ovens, in the fast baking system. They our true joys working. Peaceful on the outside, but warriors on the inside. They cook frost bread, defrost it, and bake it 13 minutes, improving it’s quality.
We are receiving congratulations from our clients, because of the success we are achieving in the fast baking of the bread. The firm Dobra feels very proud and grateful.

All this fast baking systems are protected by European Patent.
We are at your disposal to offer and inform about the ovens that best fits your needs. With all this features, the distance from any other installed oven to ours, is incalculable. DOBRA INDUSTRIAL, S.A.